Read About Our Seed Varieties


AAC Brandon Wheat

  • New standard of HRS wheats
  • Improved decease package, better protection agains FHB and rated “Good”
  • Very well adapted to all of the prairies
  • Recorded yields achieved last year by customers
  • Short strong straw
  • Large seed size

Copeland Barley

  • Standard of malt barleys
  • Very good yield
  • Very good brewing characteristics, low protein and low beta gluten
  • Good plumpness

CDC Maverick Forage Barley

  • CDC Maverick is a two row, smooth awns, tall leafy, forage barley.
  • Smooth ons reduce problems with cows eyes and mouths, this makes it excellent for swath grazing and green feed or silage.
  • Besides forage yield, maverick shines in dryer conditions as it is developed from its cousin, CBC cowboy.

Lowe Barley

  • New Variety of malting and brewing sector
  • Better desire package, low DON accumulation, 50% less than Metcalfe
  • 6% higher yield than Copland. Rivals Xena.
  • Low protein and high extract, high kernel weight, high percent plump
  • Lower peeling than checks, better lodging scores
  • RAHR is testing this variety this year, what interests them is its fusarium resistance.
  • Fusarium seems to be moving in relentlessly so Rahr and Canada Malt are being proactive in testing varieties to combat this disease

Pasteur Wheat

  • Up to 35% higher yield than HRS wheat
  • General purpose wheat. Looks more like an HRS than a CPS
  • Short strong straw, non-bearded, hard to knock down.
  • Resistance to leaf rust and head rust
  • From the Netherlands, quite different from other wheats as it ripens from the bottom up.
  • If you cant get proteins premiums on HRS, consider growing more volume.

Prima Fall Rye

  • Tall, well suited as a forage, ability to get more than one year of use.
  • Few forage crops can match the production and quality of fall rye, seeded in the fall.
  • Spring seeded Fall Rye (irrigated / brooks) had a higher protein content than oats, barley or utility wheat, and better winter hardiness than winter wheat.

Early One Canola

  • Synthetic Hybrid Polish canola, 90 day maturity
  • Improved vigour and yield (17%) over older Polish varieties
  • Large seed size
  • Well suited to straight cutting
  • Shines in late seeding or re-seeding